"Among the waves"
The exhibition represents more than a hundred works of thirty Donetsk artists. There are both paintings of famous and popular masters – honored and people’s painters – who have earned love of local public and young beginners.
Some pictures were created on the sunny shores of Crimea. Picturesque cape Tarhanqut and secluded cove Laspi became a kind of pilgrimage places for Donetsk artists. Works of Gennadiy Zhukov, Viktor Yevdokimov, Alexander Zhantalay and Alexey Polyakov are dedicated to those particular landscapes. Traditional views of Balaklava, Chersonesus, Alushta, Alupka, Yalta, Novyi Svit, Koktebel, Feodosia, Orjonikidze and others are also exposed at the exhibition.
Impressive images of the Sea of Azov can be found on the pictures of Larisa Dzharty. Expressive colour and subtle play of light makes water on her canvases alive. It seems that warm waves can’t exist in the narrow framed space, and if you come close to the painting, salt water splash and a frisky sea breeze will softly touch your skin.
In addition to common marine landscapes, there are some exotic sketches at the “Among the waves” exposition. From en plein air at the bizarre shores of Shri-Lanka has brought his “Vacation on the Weligama island” Andrey Prahov, a fishing boats near Tunisia has pictured Larisa Dzharty, and people’s artist Grigoriy Tyshkevich has created the work “The Golden Horn estuary” after his visit to noble Istanbul.
Unique watercolor series represented people’s artist of Ukraine Vladimir Shendel. Some of them were painted during his trip to Kamchatka. Gorgeous nature of Russian North and it’s seas, which is colored in cold gray, contrasts with deep blue storms and tender azure calm water of the Black Sea.
Member of Union of artists of Russia Alexander Otroshko (Sochi) exhibits his works at the exposition. These paintings are kind of a bridge between Donetsk and Sochi, where exhibition of our artists “Winds of Donbass” is taking place now.
To dive into a fairy depth in attempt to find mystic Atlantis, to enjoy frosty landscapes of Kamchatka, to fish near Tunisia,
to take part in a regatta or to swing on the waves of the Black Sea – now it is possible at the
Аrt-exhibition center “ArtDonbass”!