“Echoes of wartime”
An exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Great Victory
To honor the memory of heroes of the Great Patriotic War art-exhibition center “ArtDonbass” presents a new exhibition “The echoes of wartime”. It represents genre variety of pictorial and sculpture art, wide thematic diapason of over than 70 works. They are truthful in their story and express keen emotions.
Paintings of Polina Shakalo, Michail and Larisa Dzharty, Gennadiy Zhukov, Vladimir Ternovyh, Vladimir Bauer, Grigoriy Tyshkevich, Lilia Agabekyan are production of their hearts and have a powerful influence on the audience.
Magnificent graphic works of Vladimir Shendel express moments of the highest tension both at the front and in the rear. Some works of famous war press photographer Evgeniy Haldey are represented at the exhibition.
Sculpture pieces of Gennadiy Zhukov, Nikolay Yasinenko and Viktor Piskun affects with their sincerity and pathos. Students of art school have also represented their paintings at the “Echoes of wartime”.