Smile of New year`s Miracle
On 19th December the art-exhibition center “ArtDonbass” opens an exhibition “Smile of New year`s Miracle”. This is the first New year`s project which presents materials from private collections and funds of different museums.
New Year tree decorations of different periods, postcards, fest invitations, calendars, magazines` and newspapers` publications are represented at the exhibition.
The exposition contains both typical pieces of decoration and unique examples. The history of changing of Father Frost occupies a special place in the exhibition.
Different games and contests prepare students of Donetsk College of culture. Children will enjoy festiveness and beauty of this exhibition.  And adults will be glad to remember that traditions of New year`s celebrations, which comes from their own childhood.
More than 40 paintings of Donetsk artists will be presented at the lecture hall.
This exhibition is organized by art-exhibition center “ArtDonbass” with assistance of  Museum “Old New year” (St Petersburg), Donetsk local history museum, House of cultural workers, “House of mechanics”, “Gaudi house”. The exposition reflects history of New year’s celebrations in soviet period.