On December 23 it was a festive mood in the air in spite of the freezing weather. Municipal art gallery produced a new present for Donetsk citizens - the exhibition of Kharkov masters’ works. At the exhibition opening were guests from Kharkov - chairman of the sculpture group of the Union of Artists of Ukraine organization in Kharkov, a famous sculptor Felix Betliemsky as well as Dmitriy Iv, Valeriy Pirogov, Said Ahmadi and Elishai Sajyad.

   Painting shop is presented by Denis Chernov (he is also the exhibition curator), Alexander Tyunkin, Maria Chepeleva and Ruslan Tarasov, who pleased Donetsk citizens not only with paintings but also with a music present - he played the Guzul penny whistle. Felix Betliemsky sincerely expressed his thanks to gallery management and told that the Kharkov mayor does not visit exhibitions unlike Donetsk mayor and added that “ArtDonbass” is a really very stylish and modern gallery, which has a great future. Felix Yaroslavovich proposed a master-classes in sculpture for Donetsk citizens during the exhibition of Kharkov artists. (Keep up with our news!)

   Famous sculptors present to Donetsk citizens his works, which are always delighted with its fine mastery. Bronze,  marble and wood sculptures are presented by seven sculptors: Felix Betliemsky, Sergey Sbitnev, Valery Pirogov, Dmitriy Iv, Lyudmila Betliemskaja, Alexander Kovalev, Vladimir Lemeshko and two sculptors of the Iranian origin which have been taught in Kharkov - Said Ahmadi and Elishai Sajyad (about 40 works).

   Painting school of Kharkov is presented by the Union of Artists of Ukraine members: Nina Verbuk, Andrey Gladky, Alexey Dmitriev, Vladimir Nosan, Natalia Tretjakova, Denis Chernov, Dmitry Shevchenko and Valery Shmatko - the outstanding master of colour.

   Open air painting is presented by artists of young generation, among which there are teachers, graduates and students of the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts (Alexander Brittsev, Karina Voloshko, Ekaterina Goncharova, Vladimir Kovalev, Dmitry Makovetsky, Elena Markovich, Tatyana Kovalenko, Elena Melnikova, Alexander Tjunkin, Maria Chepeleva). Among large quantity of the paintings made in a traditional manner of impressionism and sots-realism, there is also artist of a vanguard school - Andrey Gladky. The exhibition begins with works of this author. Among artists of expressionism school there are such artists as Lenur Velilyaev, Alexander Vinnik and Vladimir Nosan, Anastasiya Chistjakova. Students and the teachers connected with monumental painting department of the Kharkov Academy are recognized by the characteristic manner of paint, these are: Larissa Ljashchenko, Anna Saenko, and Oleg Omelchenko. Alexander Tjunkin presented his degree work «Heroes of Adzhimushkai». Eugenij Petrakov differs from other artists of monumental art in his graphic accuracy of the compositions.

   Graphic works of Ekaterina Goncharova, Nadezhda Kudryavtseva and Denis Chernov are the special thrill of the exhibition.

   The main task of the exhibition is to show the performing arts of the Kharkov art life and to discover informal culture of the Kharkov artists, sculptors, and graphic artists.

   About 300 works in the whole are presented at the exhibition.

   The gallery management thanks media partners of the exhibition-project: Donetsk regional state TV, BTV-group, "Day and night" magazine, "Evening Donetsk" and "Donbass" newspapers, a personal site of megalopolis "Alldonetsk" and hopes for the further collaboration.

Авторы выставки Харьков-Донецк.

Городской голова А. Лукьянченко приветствует гостей, скульпторов и художников из Харькова.

С экспозицией знакомятся А. Лукьянченко, В. Лактионов, В. Телегин.

Работы А. Гладкого звучат в унисон музыки.

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