Saint Luke of Crimea
An exhibition, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of canonization of Saint Luke and the 15th anniversary of his beatification as Martyr and Confessor
An exhibition dedicated to life and work of outstanding surgeon, priest, archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea  Saint Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky) will be opened at art-exhibition centre “ArtDonbass” at 12 o`clock on February 16.
The showpieces represent detail biography of Saint Luke, some rare and interesting facts about his medical activity and church life.  This exposition contains photos, memories of contemporaries, memoirs of Saint himself. The most valuable exhibits are the original manuscripts (1947-1951) of Archbishop Luke, provided by Vladimir Shvetsov (father superior of church of Saint Luke of Crimea in Donetsk) and St. Luke`s icons, made by modern icon-painting workshops and provided by Nikita Panasyuk (archpriest, father superior of St. Vladimir`s church in Dokuchaievsk). Paintings for this exhibition were given by Museum of city administration of Donetsk. Local artists, such as G. Zhukoff, V. Yevdokimoff, I. Yuzhankoff, N. Krivopustoff, T. Comendant, T. Malovichko, have also represented their works. Donetsk medical university provided our exhibition with rare medical books.
Documentary movie “A meeting with the saint. Saint Luke (V. F. Voyno-Yasenetsky)” (from “Orthodox saints and holy ascetics”) directed by Liliya Borovskaya from Moskow will be presented to the visitors.
This exhibition was prepared with assistance of Donetsk eparchy, gallery “Art and mercy” (Sevastopol) and Donetsk local history museum.