«ART Mariupol 2012»

   We always look forward to the first visitors of the new exhibition, because they they set the mood to the event. Mariupol artists and government officials come to the solemn opening of the exhibition (City Department of Culture was represented by Alexander Chain). The first guests of the exhibition “Art Mariupol 2012” were Donetsk Mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko and his deputy Valentin Laktionov.

   The last exhibition of Mariupol artists in Donetsk was in 1987, in the Art Museum, so they accept readily the offer of “ArtDonbass” management to arrange the exhibition. 13 artists took part in the “ART Mariupol 2012” exhibition, they are widely different, but at the same time they have the common aim to create enduring masterpieces.

   Donetsk citizens can see the works of Valentin Konstantinov and Lel Kuzmenkov - the oldest artists of Donbass who had been taught by our fellow-townsman Gregorij Bendrik.

   Visitors had the opportunity not only to see the works of Mariupol artists, but also met with them. Anatolij Kalchenko's philosophical works are presented in such series as "Dreams" and "Urban Visions". They favour us to think about the time – about the present and future. Works of Tatyana Lysenko touch the chords of people's soul with their melancholy and lyrics. The beauty of human body we see in the works of Valerij Kramarenko and Vladimir Harakoza. Decorative painting of Sergei Barannik, Alexander Bondarenko and Vadim Lanovoj always fascinates with its bright color. Works of Vasilij Chapni show us artist’s flight of imagination. Fantastic landscapes of Alexander Shpak and Mikhail Gaplevskij are the works with original world view of painters.

   Well-known Ukrainian medallist Victor Uzbek also presented his works in the exhibition. Exclusive exhibits harmoniously fitted into the gallery interior. Donetsk city officials offered the author to present his works in a Museum of Great Patriotic War which will open by the Victory Day.

   Majestic iron sculptures of Vyacheslav Gutyrya welcomed all visitors outside the art exhibition centre. And his graceful wood, bronze and stone sculptures create an atmosphere of mystery inside the gallery. Vyacheslav carefully interweave eternal themes of love and family in his works.

   There are about 300 works in the exhibition.

   The gallery management thanks media partners of the exhibition-project: Donetsk regional state TV, BTV-group, "Day and night" magazine, "Evening Donetsk" and "Donbass" newspapers, a personal site of megalopolis "Alldonetsk" and hopes for the further collaboration.

Калиниченко Е.Н., Баранник С.А., Телегин В.С., Лактионов В.А.

На открытии выставки присутствовали генеральный консул Грузии Зураб Квачадзе, генеральный консул Германии Клаус Цилликенс, генеральный консул Ондрей Моравек.

Вручение дипломов участникам выставки.

Представители Украинской Православной Церкви.

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