The icon is creation of Logos, it is filled by His light and the icon is neither more nor less than a kind of the Divine Revelation.

The VIIth Ecumenical Council


   Art discovery of icon is one of the most important event in history of world culture.  This year will be 114 years from this date.

   Cleaned of soot, blackened drying oil and layers of later overpaint, saved from the barbarians of atheistic authorities Old Russian icons have been recognized as the greatest achievements of the fine arts in the world, becoming the object for study and the object of admiration and collecting.

   It took more than decades to understand art value of monuments of later ages including works created by Ukrainian icon painters.

   As well as 114 years ago, private collectors are of great importance in the study of icon painting. Today they aim not only to find and save icon from destruction, but also to exhibit and publish in catalogues and thus collectors put them into academic circles.

   The exhibition which will open in the art exhibition center “Art-Donbass” on 11 April will prove it.

“The Lord Almighty”

The XIXth century. Technique: wood, gesso ground, oil.

The Icon of the Mother of God “It is truly meet”

The XIXth century. Technique: wood, gesso ground, oil.

«Образ Покров Пресвятой Богородицы» XIX век. Техника: дерево, левкас, золочение, темпера.