06/09/2012 to 08/10/2012

“People will perish not from the nightmare of nuclear war but from their own waste”.

Niels Bohr


“Drop in the ocean” is a social art project designed to draw public attention to the pollution problem and to tell about solid waste recycling waste.

Magic art glass in Donetsk

15/05/2012 to 15/06/2012

   The unique exhibition of Ukrainian art glass has been opened in the art-exhibition center “ArtDonbass” on May 15. We go to Venice for Murano glass, to the Czech Republic for Bohemia glass, and if you need the original art glass of Ukraine – it is in Donetsk now! The works of the highest level, which took the leading places in the prestige international symposia, are presented in the exhibition.


15/05/2012 to 15/06/2012

   Donetsk will plunge in the Crystal fairy tale from May 15 to June 15, 2012. It will be the international exhibition “Crystal fairy tale in Donetsk”. During a few weeks Donetsk citizens and visitors of the city will have a unique opportunity to touch the magic world full of bright colors and unexpected surprises. 


The icon is creation of Logos, it is filled by His light and the icon is neither more nor less than a kind of the Divine Revelation.

The VIIth Ecumenical Council


   Art discovery of icon is one of the most important event in history of world culture.  This year will be 114 years from this date.

Preauction show of “Classical art” exhibition

   Preauction show of “Classical art” exhibition will last for 7 days, from March, 10th till March, 16th, 2012.

   The collection of the “Classical art” auction includes more than 150 lots. Works of outstanding Ukrainian, Russian and West European artists of the 19-21th centuries will be brought to the attention of spectators and buyers.

Collection pporcelain

from February 9 till March 5, 2012

Collection porcelain dolls will be exhibited in the Art and Exhibition Center "Art-Donbass" for the first time.
  Collection porcelain of Tatyana Zhukova (author's works, small sculptures).

Открылась выставка «ART Мариуполь 2012»

«ART Mariupol 2012»

   We always look forward to the first visitors of the new exhibition, because they they set the mood to the event. Mariupol artists and government officials come to the solemn opening of the exhibition (City Department of Culture was represented by Alexander Chain). The first guests of the exhibition “Art Mariupol 2012” were Donetsk Mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko and his deputy Valentin Laktionov.

ART Mariupol 2012

We invite you to visit the “ART Mariupol 2012” exhibition from February 9 till March 5, 2012
   Work of 12 authors brightly present the creative pulse of Mariupol artists. Mariupol – the birthplace of world famous master of light Arkhip Kuindzhi, gave us unique, hard-working and creative people.

Opening of the Kharkov-Donetsk exhibition.

23/12/2011 to 04/02/2012

   On December 23 it was a festive mood in the air in spite of the freezing weather. Municipal art gallery produced a new present for Donetsk citizens - the exhibition of Kharkov masters’ works. At the exhibition opening were guests from Kharkov - chairman of the sculpture group of the Union of Artists of Ukraine organization in Kharkov, a famous sculptor Felix Betliemsky as well as Dmitriy Iv, Valeriy Pirogov, Said Ahmadi and Elishai Sajyad.