The first auction of the contemporary art.

   The first auction of the contemporary art has taken place in Donetsk, in spite of frightening headlines of mass-media. Organizers received evidence that Donetsk citizens are interested in contemporary art according to numerous attendees and they find niche for the further development of this kind of art.

   Auction by tender, buyers' anonymity, tight security of art-exhibition centre are no ordinary activity for young gallery. Much work has been done for this auction.

Solemn opening of contemporary art exhibition.

   Solemn opening of a preauction exhibition of the Ukrainian and Russian contemporary art took place in the presence of beau monde of Donbass on December 9th, in Donbass Palace hotel. Just 14 works were brought to guests attention in a hotel hall.

1st Exhibition PAINTERS

26/08/2011 to 09/09/2011
The first project of the art center was the exhibition "34 artists", timed to coincide with the opening of the gallery, who introduced the guests artwork 34 leading artists of the region.

awarding of winners

September 19 Art exhibition center "ARTDONBASS" young photographers from Donetsk received medals and diplomas at the prestigious international contest of artistic works of children of Lidice (Czech Republic).

press conference on the development of the center

Guide Gallery has invited media representatives to discuss development of the center pans. September 15 in the conference hall HVTS "ARTDONBASS" was the first responsible press conference.

The opening of "ARTDONBASS"

August 26 city officials presented the perfect gift Donetsk residents - has opened a new art-exhibition center "ARTDONBASS." The solemn part of the event began with a welcoming speech, Donetsk mayor Alexander A. Lukyanchenko.