Autumn. Your Highness
Unnoticeable have passed by the birthday of our city and the third anniversary of «ArtDonbass». But now collective of art exhibition centre renew its activity. We want to present projects that have already become traditional, such as exhibitions of sacral art «The purity of Holy Face», «It is truly meet», of children`s paintings «My orthodox Ukraine», and such exhibitions as  «Winter mood», «Flowered Ukraine», «Modern still life» and «Mystery of watercolor» that were dedicated to the beauty of the seasons of the year.
We will present you works of local artists and photographers in our art projects as soon as possible.
After a conversation with painters we`ve decided to make autumn the main theme of our exhibition. This season always inspired artists to create whether landscapes, which you can view for hours, or funny abstractions. Autumn newer repeats itself – every year it brings us something new, fantastic, charming. These unique moments we will be able to find at the exhibition.
Famous masters of traditional pictorial art and artists, who don`t afraid to experiment will present paintings created in the open air and in the studio.
More than 80 works are represented at the exhibition, including wares of decorative arts and crafts provided by art studio «Veres». These are wooden pieces made in inlay of semiprecious stones on gold leaf technique.
Autumn on canvas creates an atmosphere of dynamic season. It is transforming from painting to painting: the colors change their intensity and brightness into delicacy and tenderness, the story varies from simple plot to the philosophical interpretation of traditional Slavic symbols and signs.
Each painting is the only moment of Universe, which will find in our memory a similar story from everyday life. Enjoy the exhibition!
The exhibition is available from 18th oktober. Operation time: 10.00 – 16.00, closed on Monday. Free admission. 
Виктор Евдокимов Краски осени 77х96, х/м, 2012
Геннадий Жуков Осенний натюрморт 60х/70, х/м, 2011
Ольга Зобнина Отблеск осеннего заката 30х40, х/м. 2013
Юрий Зорко Осенняя пора 63х65,х/м, 1998
Владислав Коровойченко Лесовик 90х80, х/м. 2014
Ирина Кочанова Утро. Задождило 62х71,х/м,2010
Николай Кривопустов Осенняя прогулка 30Х40,х/м, 2012 
Николай Луговенко Две дороги 40х60,х/м, 2009
Александр Лысов Закат 60х50,х/м, 2004
Елена Лысова Все золото осени 60х70,х/м,2014
Татьяна Маловичко Дыхание лета 70х90,х/м, 2008
Дарья Москаленко Осенняя феерия 45х45, акварель, 2014
Алексей Поляков Осень на Осколе 70х90,х/м,2001
Юрий Свир Облепиха 40х60, х/м, 2014
Валентина Теличко  Тепло августа 84х34, х/м, 2002
Геннадий Троянов Жемчужина Донеччины.Клебан бык 90х80,х/м, 2013
Григорий Тышкевич Осенний гобелен 70х80,х/м, 2009
Владимир Шендель Осень в деревне 35х47,акварель,1968